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Final Cut Pro Plugin

Use the real time options in Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express HD

This plugin actually is a plugin pair. In Annotation Edit you have an export module that allows you to tweak your subtitle edits in a very sophisticated way.
Our Final Cut Pro plugin lets you edit and preview any detail in real-time.
This works in Final Cut Express HD just as well.
Choosing Motion 3 templates will require Final Cut Studio 2.
If general preferences should be changed, just go back to Annotation Edit, correct your settings and any of your new exports will reflect your style guide.
You will hardly find a more vivid and precise way to change the look of your subtitles to be rendered at any resolution.
Optionally you can choose how to position a single text line verticallly.
And it's fast.

Annotation Edit settings (above)

Final Cut Pro Settings (right)

The relative positioning in Annotation Studio is rendered automatically to resolution-dependent absolute position in Final Cut Pro.