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Clip Selection

Video logging, spotting and annotation right in your browser!

We want to show you an easy way to add comments to parts of videos.

  • Production houses may take your input and prepare a broadcast quality tape or a DVD.
  • Your clients order selected subclips for their production needs.
  • Worklow is well supported by instant bookmarks (Live markup).
  • A lot more to come.

Several streaming videos on this site have been set up now for browser-based annotation.
For fluent access 6 mbit ADSL or DSL is recommended.
In this showcase multiple users can add annotatons to the same clips.
In the same environment every authorized user can work on individual projects as well.
The system is freely customizable, so relational databases and web 2.0 or Flash frontends can be applied.
Annotation Edit can directly import saved edl-files, so all data can take part in the smoooth Annotation Studio workflow. Fine-tune your data and export to editing suites, DVD and the web.