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[19.07.2018] Annotation Edit Suite


New in Version

- Images (NLE, DCP) export. Changed wording of FCP X Effect to FCP X Text.
Added export of horizontal and vertical margin to FCP X "AE Subtitle X (4k)" Motion template exports.
Added style selection "FCP X Basic Style". This is the new default style, the template is included in FCP X. Use it if you need a generic Motion template.
Limitations of "FCP X Basic Style" are: fixed font size, fixed line spacing, only center justification, vertical alignment without line shift, fixed margins.
For use with DaVinci Resolve an empty line is added before single line subtitles at bottom.
Please consider to use "AE Subtitle X (4k)" in Annotation Edit and FCP X if you need more control.
- Added import of DCP Subtitle MXF files.
- Revised import of TTML with "dur" values.
- Revised import of iTT with NDF time code plus offset.
- Added import of TTML with frame number ("f") values.
- Polishes.


- Final Cut / Premiere CC export. Refined Premiere CC line height calculation.
- Revised navigation shortcuts on MacOS 10.13.4.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.95

- Import/Export Preferences: Added option "FCP X Caption (iTT, CEA 608)".
This allows import of all iTT and CEA tracks from FCP X 10.4.1/2 (.fcpxml 1.8).
Supported are roles, italics, vertical and horizontal position, justification, CEA 608 caption type, language and vertical text (for Japanese iTT). Japanese ruby is not yet supported by FCP X.
FCP X 10.4.1/2 prefers 29.97 SCC, either NDF or DF depending on your FCP X project.
FCP X 10.4.1/2 prefers iTT with frame rates matching to your FCP X project.
- Extended import and export of W3C Timed Text (iTT) language codes.
- W3C Timed Text export. You can use the "Culture Code" field to override "Translated Language" setting.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Corrected PNG 8bit/alpha export of version 1.9.94.
- Screen PAC import. Accepts empty subtitles.
- Revised "Step by Frame" short cut on MacOS 10.13.x.
- Images (NLE, DCP) export. Some polishes.
- Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext Demo.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.94

- Images (NLE, DCP) and Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export.
Revised export of subtitles with leading and line shift.
Subtitles with negative leading only use block if backdrop is selected.
Revised compatibility with MacOS 10.13.4.
Renamed "DLP Cinema" option to "DLP / SMPTE DCP".
- Renamed "DLP Cinema XML" export to " DLP Interop / SMPTE DCP XML".
- Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.93

- Final Cut Import:
Improved import of Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics titles from more complex projects.
- Added processing option: Split Track at Timecode.
Holding "Alt" sets start of split tracks to zero for (useful for e.g. DCP reels).
- W3C TimedText Export. Changed export of italic subtitles for iTunes Timed Text (i.tt).
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.92

- General Preferences:
The "Larger edit font" option now applies also to the subtitle table.
Added "Keep Style". New subtitles will use the style and position of the current subtitle.
- Final Cut Export:
Changed default for Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics.
"Line Count Minimum" is now set to "Two Lines".
Font related: More consistent vertical position with "Line Count Minimum" set to "No".
Please note: Essential Graphics still lacks some useful features for subtitles.
- Subtitle drawer:
Added "Chars". It displays the sum of characters in every row.
For "CPS" and "Chars" multiple mid row spaces are counted as a single space.
- Polishes.


- Final Cut Export: Changed menu title to Final Cut / Premiere Pro CC XML.
Added export to Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics XML (2017.1.2 or later).
Support of Essential Graphics includes:
Italics and partial italics. font, font color, leading, tracking and shadow attributes.
Outline color, outline width.
Alignment, vertical position incl. line shift and half line shift.
Horizontal and vertical margin.
RTL text per subtitle, vertical text per subtitle.
Single line at top for two row bottom subtitles.
Different to Final Cut font sizes are absolute, not relative to SD.
The Premiere Pro CC export works exclusively with the Adobe Premiere NLE.
- Revised import of vertical and horizontal position in Adobe Premiere Pro CC EG Final Cut XML.
- Corrected partial italics export of version 1.9.91
- Revised timecode import of subtitles with fades in Adobe Premiere Pro CC EG Final Cut XML.
- Final Cut Import: Ignores missing offset frames in MacCaption Final Cut XML.
- Revised tracks content menu item: Concatenate Selected Tracks.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Changed assignment of Title and Content attributes.
Updated Blu-ray image export.
- Revised Cheetah .cap horizontal position import.
- SCC export: Allows timecode export of empty captions.
- PAC export: Corrected double replacement of educated quotes.
- SRT Position tags: Uses weighted alignment for import and export.
- Added update of zeitAnker Scene Detection.
- Revised German user interface.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.90

- Added import of EZTitles Shot Detection .xml.
- Revised import of DaVinci Resolve Scene Detection .edl.
- Allows assignment of selected track as shot detections.
- Shot detections are displayed in the timeline and saved to the document.
- Added command to go to next/previous shot detections.
- Added clear shot detections.
- Added command and preference to step multiple frames.
- Minor revision to FCP X .fxpxml import and export.
- W3C Timed Text Export: Added option to provide Netflix Hermes ID.
- Links media file from FCP clip marker and RTF with Timecode files.
- Includes updated zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.


- W3C Timed Text Export. Added EBU BBC-D TTML.
Minor TTML export enhancements.
- PAC Export. Exports Cyrillic Latin.
Added second language latin option for subtitle zero.
- Polishes.


- Less rigid SCC export. Added default to wrap lines to 32 characters,
Added optional in-row partial italics row length warning.
- Revised import of SCC with italics.
- W3C Timed Text export.
Added Red Bull Media Timed Text.
Added not quite standard Adobe Premiere CC TTML open captions export (italics, vertical position, color, background color, left justified only due to Adobe Premiere constraints).
Use it if you need partial italics in a row. Adobe Premiere Pro CC .SRT import does not not support partial italics in a row.
Revised SMPTE-TT 708 export.
Some minor polishes.
Only SMPTE-TT 608 closed captions work reliably in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018 SMPTE-TT 708 (and also CEA 708 .mcc) file import is broken.
- Revised .MCC import.
- Please note: Premiere Pro CC 2018 fixed FCP .xml unicode support.
FCP Outline Text .xml in Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018.0 supports only center justification reliably.
- Added new demo of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Polishes.


- Added menu item to "Tools/Subtitle". "Display Actors Metadata" shows actors in main table view.
- Keeps current video info in document info for document exchange without video.
- Keeps timecode overlaps on "RTF with timecode" import.
- Respects SMPTE TC 24h limit for display and export.
- Polishes.


- Revised Videotron/Lambda .cap import and export.
- Removed auto-correction of subtitles with timecode overlap for TTML.
- Polishes.


- Added import of comments from Netflix .dfxp files.
- Added export of log comments to Netflix .dfxp files.
- Added new demo of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Polishes.


- Corrects an issue with W3C Timed Text (.itt ...) export in version
- Added import of new Adobe Premiere CC 2017.1 FCP XML titles with italics and justification.
On Mac OS 10.6.8 plain text is imported. Titles should not have transitions.
- Added import of closed captions from Adobe Premiere project files with position anchor points.
- Added 4k/5k option to FCP XML export.
- Images export. Corrected some issues with SD formats.
- FCP X .fcpxml export. Updated AE Subtitle X Motion sample templates. Use them for new projects.
- Added new demo of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Many polishes.


- Export of multiple tracks only adds a track number, if duplicate track names are found.
- Extended "Show illegal text" function to "Show illegal text/timecode".
Holding "Alt" limits to illegal timecode, holding "Shift" limits to illegal text.
- Added export and import: Adobe Audition Cue Markers (decimal type only).
- Solved a possible issue in version 1.9.89 with "Native timecode" option checked and movies that do not contain timecode.
- Images (NLE,DCP) export.
FCPX Effect export. Solved issue in version 1.9.89 with AE Subtitle X Motion template.
Added horizontal left and center position for AE Subtitle X vertical text.
Revised leading to match preview. Revised line shift for vertically center subtitles.
Allows export of FCP X with movie, if the video has no audio tracks.
- AE Subtitle X .fcpxml import. Added import of line shift for vertically center subtitles.
Added import of horizontal position for vertical text subtitles.
Compound clips need to be decomposed before export in FCP X.
- Some polishes.

Version 1.9.89

- PAC export. Corrected version
- .890 export/ import. Supports vertical position code.
Corrected support of .890 "first language" code.
More compatible usage of hyphen character.
- Added AE Subtitle X 4k Motion templates to installer.
Updated AE Subtitle X ReadMe.
- Revised automatic font substitution.
- Added new version of Annotation Transcriber.
- Added new demo version of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Some polishes.


- PAC export. Revised export of educated quotes.
- SRT import. Revised support for non-standard position/alignment.
- Images (NLE,DCP) export. Corrected DCI DCDM export of version
- Supports import of many plain text subtitle formats saved as .doc, .docx, .rtf , .rtfd or .odt.
- Added new demo version of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Some polishes.


- PAC import. Revised support for Chinese PAC files.
- W3C Timed Text (TTML) export/import. Revised support for frame-based NDF timeBase:media ttml.
- MCC import. Added import of justification.
- Added import one more Titra format (TXT, RTF).
- Revised import of styled RTF.
- Corrected Images (NLE,DCP) export of previous version.
- Some polishes.


- Image Export: Removed a limitation that FCP X export required Mac OS X 10.10.
- Image Export: Added separate Image Export plugins for Mac OS X 10.6.8
- Some polishes.


- Added "Show illegal text". The first occurrence of red text is selected.
- SRT export. Added export preference for export of position and alignment tags to SRT
- Added shortcuts. Ctrl-cmd-j and ctrl-cmd-l for progressive forward and rewind.
- Includes update of Annotation Transcriber and zeitAnker Teletext Demo.
- Some polishes.

Version 1.9.87

- EBU STL export. Made EBU STL technical line length warning optional.
- FCP X Text Effect import. Now optimised for .fcpxml 1.4 and later.
Compound clips with subtitles need to be decomposed in the FCP X timeline before .fcpxml export.
(Select all edited compound clips and hit cmd-shift-G).
- Image Export (NLE, DCP). Added FCP X Text Effect font size option.
When selected Annotation Edit exports the font size identical to FCP X, not scaled to match image rendering.
FCP X export. Now hides on end of subtitle.
- Added FCP X chapter-marker with poster export. You can use this to add a duration to markers.
- Limited import of FCP X markers to active markers in timeline.
- Added AE Subtitle X 4k variant (optional).
- Revised Japanese Videotron/Lambda import.
- W3C Timed Text export. Revised EBU-TT. Added more options.
- Corrected German DLP Cinema export interface of version 1.9.86.
- WebVTT export. Unchecking extended attributes now also omits subtitle index number.
- SubRip SRT export. Italics are applied per line for compatibility with e.g. Amazon.
- Now uses canonical unicode normalisation.
- Changed "Pre-Roll" button modifiers. Hold the "Shift" key to reset, hold the "Alt" key to offset subtitle timecode.
- On Mac OS X 10.7 or later the save dialog can be dismissed when Autosave is disabled.
- Compatible with macOS 10.12.2.
- Contour Design Shuttle settings compatible with macOS Sierra.
- New version of zeitAnker Teletext. Corrections and performance enhancements.
- New version of Annotation Transcriber. Added FCP X chapter-marker with poster export.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.86

- Updated autosave without versions checked in all applications.
- MS Word import. Detects .docx saved with .doc extension.
- EBU STL export. Re-added EBU STL technical line length warning.
- Images exports. Revised preview and backdrop rendering.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD). Faster opaque renderproof.
- DLP Timed Text export. Changed horizontal positioning of vertical text.
- SCC closed caption import. Supports import of explicitly assigned default white text.
- W3C Timed Text export and import.
Added Japanese iTunes Timed Text (.itt) export with vertical text and ruby annotation.
- Movie volume is saved to preferences.
- Expand/shorten selection now supports slicing, to slice hold shift on confirmation (e.g shift-tab).
- Revised shift by line for FCP X text effect export.
- New version of zeitAnker Teletext (added DLP Cinema and FCP X export, added color remap).
- New version of Annotation Transcriber (with corrected updater).


- Revised SCC import. Justification and horizontal position.
- Corrected a problem with Gatekeeper in version 1.9.85.
- Added option: Hide display of subtitle on end timecode.
- Annotation Edit and zeitAnker Teletext are compatible with macOS Sierra.
- New version of Annotation Transcriber (now compatible with macOS Sierra).

Version 1.9.85

- WebVTT export. Revised "Extended WebVTT export" for browsers.
- WebVTT import. Revised vertical position.
- Added option: Hide display of subtitle on end timecode.
- Added basic DaVinci Resolve .fcpxml text import.
- Added basic EzTitles .ezxml project import.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.84

- DLP Cinema import. Added import of ruby annotation.
- DLP Cinema export DCI 1.1. Added export of ruby annotation.
- Added "Insert Ruby Separator" for adding Lambda style ruby annotation.
- W3C Timed Text export. Added Netflix RTL option for Arabic or Hebrew.
- Revised "Track without Ruby Annotation" for export of imported Lambda .cap import.
- SCC closed captions import. Improved support for non-double special characters.
- .890 import and export. Added support for "#" character.
- New version of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.83

- Image exports. Added font slanting for horizontal subtitles, if the font has no italic variant (Asian fonts).
- Video controller. Added font slanting.
- Videotron Lambda (.cap). Extended import and export (italic, partial italic, top, bottom, vertical left/right).
Added "Track without ruby annotation" for export of .cap import.
- Added filter option for vertical position.
- Refined some generic text subtitle imports.
- Minor interface changes.
- Polishes.


- Corrected straight SDI Media export of version 1.9.82.
- Added SDI Media text only import.

Version 1.9.82

- Images (NLE, DCP) QuickTime movie export. Revised export of tracks with empty subtitles.
- DLP Cinema export/import. Revised partial italics at end of line.
- DAS Export. Replaced Windows Latin-1 option with Unicode UTF-16.
- Added straight SDI Media export.
- Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.81

- FCP X images export. Allows relink of image assets in FCP X.
FCP X Effect. Added support of centre vertical position for FCP X 10.2.2 with AE Subtitle X template.
- EBU STL import/export. Revised centre vertical position.
- DAS export/import. Revised SDI Media DAS extensions.
- Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Edit_1.9.95.5.zip

[23.03.2018] zeitAnker Annotation Transcriber 1.7.37


New in version 1.7.37

- Respects SMPTE TC 24h limit for display and export.

Version 1.7.36

- Allows export of FCP X Markers, if the video has no audio tracks.

Version 1.7.35

- Brought back yellow native timecode display.
- Sets frame rate automatically if available in media file.

Version 1.7.34

- Added shortcuts. Ctrl-cmd-j and ctrl-cmd-l for progressive forward and rewind.
- Polishes.


- Added FCP X chapter-marker with poster export.
You can use it to add a duration to markers.
- SubRip SRT export. Italics are applied per line for compatibility with e.g. Amazon.
- Compatible with macOS 10.12.2.
- Contour Design Shuttle settings compatible with macOS Sierra.
- Some corrections.

Version 1.7.32

- Updated autosave without versions checked.
- MS Word import. Detects .docx saved with .doc extension.
- Corrected updater.

Version 1.7.30

- Added compatibility with macOS Sierra.
- Polishes


- Fixed a minor user interface glitch with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Version 1.7.29

- Fixed a compatibility issue with MAC OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
- Added Avid Media Composer marker export.
- Added Avid Media Composer spanned marker export.
- MXF requires Apple Pro Video Formats vs. 2.0.3
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.28

- FCP X Clip marker export.
Added support for 24 bit audio and multiple mono tracks.
Added note export. Double note delimiters create a todo marker.
- Added reference text. Create or remove reference text for translators.
- Polishes

Version 1.7.27


Version 1.7.25

- Works with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
- Exports to SRT and WebVTT use BOM (byte order mark).
- Leveraged Final Cut Pro X marker export to Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 (Final Cut Pro X XML v1.4).

Version 1.7.23

- Excel XML export. Takes care of Excel special character apostrophe.
Consistent italic text font (Excel might not use the default font).

Version 1.7.22

- Added import of timecode from BWF iXML metadata.
- Added FCP X clip marker export for audio only files with timecode from BWF or QuickTime Timecode.
- Added MS Word .docx/.doc text export.
- Revised FCP/FCP X clip marker export.
- Revised Versions menu selection.
- Revised SRT import.

Version 1.7.20

- Adjustments for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
- Revised timecode links from timecode script.
- Improved Excel XML import and export (allows italics).
- Added Contour Design Shuttle Express sample setting for vs. 3 driver.
- Polishes.


- Added f5 Script RTF export (text, timecode, metadata, media).
- Please note: f5 timing accuracy is only 1/10th s.
- Changed text cursor position info to line cursor position info.
- Added line length info.
- Empty lines or lines timecode only lines are not counted.
- Timecode links are not counted as words.
- Corrections and polishes.

Version 1.7.19

Added Mac OS X 10.9.5 gatekeeper support.
Prepared for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Version 1.7.18

- Added basic iTunes Timed Text export.
- Added basic EBU-T-D (ARD) export.
- Corrected webVTT import.
- Jog Shuttle / Two finger scroll video navigation. Added "Toggle Jog Shuttle Navigation" menu command and short cut. Fixed a possible stability issue.


- w3c Timed Text Export. Applied changes for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks).
- Interface. Adjusted for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks).
- Revised timecode edit field.
- Extended languages list with regional languages. Use auto completion for fast access.
- Added iTunes Timed Text (.itt)
- Revised German localization.


- Added function. Recreate with native timecode.
- Improved workflow with Annotation Edit.
- Added workflow with zeitAnker Teletext (timecode, colors, italics, underline, justification).
Annotation Transcriber provides a named Teletext Colors list in the color picker.
Use these colors to prepare files for zeitAnker Teletext.
zeitAnker Teletext can read Annotation Transcriber and "RTF with Timecode" files.
- Polishes.


- This version requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.12

- Dragging video to the document inserts video frame image again.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.10

- Added Compressor marker list export.

Version 1.7.9

- Revised Excel XML export.
- Added zeitAnker Scene Detection file import.

Version 1.7.8

- Added export: Final Cut Pro X clip markers.
- Updated WebVTT export.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.7

-Added shortcuts for step by frame:
ctrl-i: step timecode frame backwards with audio
ctrl-o: step timecode frame bforwards with audio
Press alt-ctrl to step by frame without audio.


- Corrected a signing issue in latest version 1.7.6
- Added OS X Mountain Lion compliance.
For Mountain Lion Gatekeeper support of all our apps please download the package here (Mountain Lion required):
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.5

- Enhanced automatic text encoding detection.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.4

- Updated demo mode.


- Added HTML5 WebVTT (caption, chapter) import/export.

Version 1.7.2

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
- Added an informative alert and relaunch on changes to Autosave/Versions .
- Added import: MS Word 2007 (.docx), Open Office (.odt). (Mac OS 10.5 or higher required)
- Added import of new Annotation Edit File format (.mvtf)
- Revised Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Better video scrubbing now also when "Scrolling with Inertia" is selected in System Preferences.

Version 1.7

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
Shuttle Express/Pro and scrubbing gesture are no longer affected by scroll direction changes.
- Added Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Many polishes.

Version 1.6.7

- Updated Final Cut Pro marker export.
- Added support for concurrent waveform rendering in multiple documents
- Revised DFXP (w3c Timed Text) import and export.

Version 1.6.6

- Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
- Revised waveform display.
- Polishes


- Enhanced script alignment to timecode tracks.
- Optional FCP Clip Marker text limit.
- Minor Polishes

Version 1.6.4

- Added Final Cut xml clip marker export. The movie is linked.
- Added option: Save backup.
- Added option: Automatically open recent document.
- Fixes and polishes.


- Added timecode update for Audiotranskription F4/F5 imports
- Some polishes.


- Allows non-standard Google Translate .srt
- Added QOS report.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Transcriber_1.7.37.zip