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Important: Users of Mac OS X 10.7 or later may need to update Annotation Edit.
Very old versions will not work at all.

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For users of Mac OS X 10.5.8 or older a legacy version of Annotation Edit is available here.

[16.04.2014] Annotation Edit Suite 1.9.53


- Images export (NLE,DCP). Improved FCP X cropped image export (SD anamorphic).
- More compatible DCI/DCDM image script export.
- Extended language selector.
- Added subtitle filter options.
- Several enhancements and polishes.


- Subtitle drawer: Added increment option to shift by half lines. The value is used for EBU STL-1/0 and export of images.
- Added export menu item "Final Cut Pro X". Opens Images (NLE, DCP) with FCP X preselected.
- FCP X 10.1.x text effect export. Revised export of subtitles with fade values.
- Added export menu item "Final Cut Pro X". Opens Images (NLE, DCP) with FCP X preselected.
- FCP X 10.1.x text effect export. Revised export of subtitles with fade values.
- Changed RTF Export menu name to RTF Script.
- EBU STL-0 export. Revised vertical position export. Selectable FAB style EBU STL-0 bottom position.
- EBU STL import. Handling of bogus STL files.
- Import. Added EZTitles RTF import.
- Added DCI .ASC import/export.
- SCC import. Corrected educated apostrophe.
- SCC export. Extended caption preload correction.
- Revised Avid (DS, SubCap) export.
- More convenient restoration of recent document window position.
- Automatic opening of recent document can now be disabled also on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
- The writing direction can now be set discretely and saved to the document.
- Reverse Bidi punctation. Arabic question mark is now untouched.
- Revised menu function "First line to metadata".
- Revised Fast Logging.
- Corrected string in track context menu.
- Corrected "Delete short" subtitles.
- Includes a new version of Annotation Transcriber (with text color panel for import to zeitAnker Teletext).
- Includes updated demo of zeitAnker Teletext.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.51

- Images Export (NLE, DCP). FCP X export with fades.
- Video controller. Added menu function and shortcut to display the selected entry centered in timeline.
Video controller polishes.
- Revised text with background display.
- Revised reverse Bidi punctation.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.50

- This update requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer.
- Images Export (NLE, DCP).
Added extended Final Cut Pro X 10.1.x support.
Annotation Edit takes advantage of new Final Cut Pro X 10.1 text effect features for subtitles.
Font, font color, font size, font outline, shadow, line spacing, italics, partial italics, justification, line shift, single line at top, top and bottom position can be assigned with Annotation Edit.
An Apple Motion subtitle template AE Subtitle X (16 to 9) suitable for subtitles is provided.
Further information on AE Subtitle X is included in the templates folder.
Final Cut Pro X Export with Movie. Settings will be adjusted to the workspace movie.
- Images Export (NLE, DCP).
Switched export of QuickTime subtitle only movies with alpha from variable frame duration to standard NLE frame rates. Exported files will work without further processing in e.g. Adobe Premiere using PNG or ProRes 4444 if available. The movie file size stays moderately small.
- Images Export (NLE, DCP). Added export of a composited QuickTime movie without generation loss for immediate compression with Apple Compressor or QuickTime Player 7 Pro or . Composited QuickTime movies will not allow preview in QuickTime Player X.
- Added frames only QuickTime movie for manually driven subtitles.
- Images Export (Blu-ray, DVD). DVD type images are now exported as 4-bit BMP RLE.
- Image exports: Corrected shadow drawing with "Adjust attributes to font size" checked.
- Final Cut Pro X 10.1 text effect import. Added import of italics, partial italics, justification, line shift, top and bottom position for subtitles created with AE Subtitle X template or derivate.
- W3C Timed Text export. Added vertical position line shift, text outline etc. for Brightcove XML.
- EBU STL support. Enhanced vertical position of Open EBU STL- 0 files.
- EBU STL export. Added frame rates not defined by EBU, but used by FAB Subtitler.
- Subtitle edit menu. Added removal of any carriage returns.
- Tools menu. Added insertion of track markers at video start and end.
- Track edit menu. Added concatenation of tracks for merging reels.
Video start and end markers are required if no subtitle in place.
- Corrects a casual issue with font panel responsiveness.
- Refuses EDL that are not of DaVinci Resolve scene detection type.
- FCP 7 XML export. Interface allows to enter discrete values.
- Revised subtitle duration display.
- Polishes and fixes.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Edit_1.9.53.zip

[19.03.2014] zeitAnker Annotation Transcriber 1.7.15


- Added function. Recreate with native timecode.
- Improved workflow with Annotation Edit.
- Added workflow with zeitAnker Teletext (timecode, colors, italics, underline, justification).
Annotation Transcriber provides a named Teletext Colors list in the color picker.
Use these colors to prepare files for zeitAnker Teletext.
zeitAnker Teletext can read Annotation Transcriber and "RTF with Timecode" files.
- Polishes.


- This version requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.12

- Dragging video to the document inserts video frame image again.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.10

- Added Compressor marker list export.

Version 1.7.9

- Revised Excel XML export.
- Added zeitAnker Scene Detection file import.

Version 1.7.8

- Added export: Final Cut Pro X clip markers.
- Updated WebVTT export.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.7

-Added shortcuts for step by frame:
ctrl-i: step timecode frame backwards with audio
ctrl-o: step timecode frame bforwards with audio
Press alt-ctrl to step by frame without audio.


- Corrected a signing issue in latest version 1.7.6
- Added OS X Mountain Lion compliance.
For Mountain Lion Gatekeeper support of all our apps please download the package here (Mountain Lion required):
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.5

- Enhanced automatic text encoding detection.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.4

- Updated demo mode.


- Added HTML5 WebVTT (caption, chapter) import/export.

Version 1.7.2

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
- Added an informative alert and relaunch on changes to Autosave/Versions .
- Added import: MS Word 2007 (.docx), Open Office (.odt). (Mac OS 10.5 or higher required)
- Added import of new Annotation Edit File format (.mvtf)
- Revised Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Better video scrubbing now also when "Scrolling with Inertia" is selected in System Preferences.

Version 1.7

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
Shuttle Express/Pro and scrubbing gesture are no longer affected by scroll direction changes.
- Added Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Many polishes.

Version 1.6.7

- Updated Final Cut Pro marker export.
- Added support for concurrent waveform rendering in multiple documents
- Revised DFXP (w3c Timed Text) import and export.

Version 1.6.6

- Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
- Revised waveform display.
- Polishes


- Enhanced script alignment to timecode tracks.
- Optional FCP Clip Marker text limit.
- Minor Polishes

Version 1.6.4

- Added Final Cut xml clip marker export. The movie is linked.
- Added option: Save backup.
- Added option: Automatically open recent document.
- Fixes and polishes.


- Added timecode update for Audiotranskription F4/F5 imports
- Some polishes.


- Allows non-standard Google Translate .srt
- Added QOS report.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Transcriber_1.7.15.zip