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Important: Users of Mac OS X 10.7 and later or later will need to update Annotation Edit.
Very old versions will not work at all.

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For users of Mac OS X 10.5.8 or older
A legacy version of Annotation Edit is available here and a legacy version of Annotation Transcriber 1.7.13 is also separately available here.

Please note
The first published version of Annotation Edit did lack full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6.8.
This is solved. Please down load it again for Mac OS X 10.6.8.

[11.08.2015] Annotation Edit Suite 1.9.72


- Replaces version 1.9.71. Revised Screen PAC import.
- Screen PAC import. Added option to define a second language in Import/Export preferences.
Revised import of someThai special characters.
- Screen PAC export. Arabic/Greek//Hebrew/Cyrillic/Thai as second language is automatically detected.
- Added "Adjust to document frame rate" function for e.g. time values imported from time-based formats.
- Added a large video mode to video controller for QC and presentation.
- FCP X NLE export. Corrected an issue with active fades.
- Revised DLP/InterOP XML import.
- Revised W3C Timed Text export (DCDM, Brightcove).
Allows setting of semi-transparent background and outline width for some .ttml formats .
- WebVTT exports are now saved with optional byte order mark.
- Added workaround for a bug in OS X 10.11 (beta), that prevented launch.
- Includes update of Annotation Transcriber. Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext Demo.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.69

- Adobe Premiere CC project import. Added import of italics in closed captions.
- W3C Timed Text import. Added import of Adobe Premiere CC TTML notation of italics.
- W3C Timed Text SMPTE-TT 608 export. Added selectable target channel.
- Revised W3C Timed Text SMPTE-TT 608/708 import and export.
SMPTE-TT 608/708 is a usable option for exchange of editable subtitles with Adobe Premiere CC.
For high quality burnt-in Adobe Premiere CC subtitles export to e.g. Final Cut XML with images.
- Annotation Edit cleans Adobe Premiere CC sidecar TTML for import to Adobe Premiere CC and other 3rd party tools.
- MCC 708 closed caption import. Added support for Adobe Premiere CC and EZTitles variants.
- MacCaption .cca project import. Added support for current .cca vs. 3. (incl. all programs, italics, position and justification).
- Revised CEA 608 closed caption import from 608 and 708 QuickTime closed caption tracks.
- Revised SCC import.
- MS Word .doc/.docx export now includes maximum char count for subtitle display time.
Corrected issues with import and export of long MSWord .doc/.docx documents.
Empty subtitles are now allowed for your translation workflow.
Extended MS Word clean up.
- PAC import. Added import of comments as logging comments.
- PAC import and export. Added support of rare latin special characters (e.g. non-combining accents).
- QuickTime Caption import. Added support of italics in QuickTime soft subtitles.
- EBU STL import. Added import of FAB Subtitler comments as logging comments.
- EBU STL export. Updated layout of ARTE revision .doc export.
- EBU STL export and import. Added support of rare latin special characters (e.g. non-combining accents).
- Video controller. Revised short cut functions on newer OS X updates.
- Ayato Text export now uses .doc format and includes maximum char count for subtitle display time.
- Swift SIF import (added support of newer numbering scheme).
- Added Swift XIF import.
- Added Lemony 5 KIO Interchange File import.
- Revised Lemony 4 .lem4 import.
- Softni import. .sub files are detected if saved as .txt.
- Added adjustable font size of main edit view.
- Corrected visual appearance on Mac OS X 10.10.x.
- Includes update of QuickTime Soft Subtitle (MPEG-4) plugin.
Re-added Simplified Chinese. Supports movies that were saved with scaled size.
- Added QuickTime tx3g XML import incl. justification and italics.
- Includes update of CC Import Plugin and installer.
- Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext Demo.
- Revised German interface.
- Polishes.


- Replaces version
Revised .PAC import and .890 export of version
- DLP Cinema export. Revised export to SMPTE DCDM without DCST checked.
- Images (NLE, DCP) export. Revised export to SMPTE DCDM without DCST checked.
FCP X export always uses .fcpxml vs. 1.4 (FCP X 10.1.2 and higher).
Added 5k, 6k and 8k image export.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Added more DVD Color schemes.
- All image exports. Position horizontal can be set use subtitle justification
(if not overridden by subtitle horizontal position).
- FCP X chapter export. Uses .fcpxml vs. 1.4 (FCP X 10.1.2 and higher).
Clip chapters/markers persist in timeline.
- FCP 7 export. Fades are ignored for "Plain Text for Adobe Premiere".
- EBU STL export. Added FAB option for non-standard 24p export.
- EBU STL export. Revised italics to color mapping for EBU STL-1.
- Enhanced Final Draft .fdx and Adobe Story .atsx export.
- Added Fadein (.fadein) and Open Screenplay Format (.xml) import.
- Added an info about the current document timecode to the document window.
- Revised USF (Universal Subtitle format) import.
- Revised 23.976 fps accuracy for display and export.
- Includes a new version of zeitAnker Transcriber.
- Polishes.


- Revised images export with vertical Japanese text per subtitle.
- Added import of timecode from BWF and BWF iXML metadata.
- Added FCP X clip marker export for audio only files.
- Revised FCP X clip marker export for newer FCP X versions.
- Added Quicktime 7 movie export with audio only files.
- Images (NLE,DCP). Added FCP X 10.1 compound clip event support.
FCP X 10.1 compound clip events require FCP X 10.1.2 or later.
FCP X with Movie export is done as compound clip event.
FCP X 10.1 images can be exported as FCP X sequence for e.g. DaVinci Resolve.
FCP X 10.0.x images can be exported as FCP X sequence for e.g. AutoDesk Smoke.
Added support for FCP X with audio only movie file.
Polishes for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite ).
- Revised Annotation Edit MPEG-4 Subtitle export plugin. A new installer is provided.
- Revised SRT import to allow tag delimiter characters in favour of custom tags.
- Revised native timecode selector.
-Excel XML export. Takes care of Excel special character apostrophe.
Consistent italic text font (Excel might not use the default font).
- Uses enhancements of Mac OS X 10.9 or later.
- Revised video controller interface.
- Corrected German user interface.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.64

- Changes for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
- Revised Excel XML (italics) export.
- Revised DLP Cinema export.
- Revised w3c TimedText export (e.g. added Ooyala Timed Text).
- Revised EBU STL 0 vertical position import.
- Revised F5 import/export.
- Added ESUB-XF export (standard and EBU-STL).
- Moved SAMI and extended export to a plugin.
- Includes update of Annotation Transcriber.
- Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.62

- Added Mac OS X 10.9.5 gate keeper support (apps and installers).
- Prepared for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
- W3C Timed Text export. Updated Netflix export to Netflix Timed Style Guide 2.2. Replaced version 1.9.62.
- Added MS Word .docx export.
- Final Cut Pro X subtitle text import. Added import of nested subtitles.
- Revised Thai language support.
- Revised top position display in video viewer.
- Revised video viewer activation after app switch.
- Polishes.

Version 1.9.54
- Revised image exports of version
- Image Export (Blu-ray, DVD). Added DVD image color schemes.
- Re-introduced line-wrap preview.
- Added just text rtf export.
- Corrected subtitle video overlay of version
- Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext demo (added ESUB-XF export).

Version 1.9.59

- Added import of closed caption streams from Adobe Premiere project files (text, timecode).
- w3c Timed Text export. Added SMPTE-TT 708. Adobe Premiere can use it for CEA 708 closed captions. Choose HD for SMPTE-TT 708 16:9 aspect ratio.
- Final Cut Pro X 10.1 effect import/export. Export allows AE Style for dual field Motion templates.
Added support for half line shift. Added XML style export option.
XML style uses font style from imported .fcpxml and allows temporal italics and justification.
- Basic usage of AE Subtitle X for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.x is possible.
- Image exports. Renamed "Alignment" to "Horizontal position".
If "Horizontal position" is unspecified, justification will override.
- Added Fountain (.fountain) Dialogue import (dialogue, character, action, paranthetical,
comment, italics).
- Added Fountain (.fountain) Dialogue export (dialogue, character, action, paranthetical, italics).
Please note: Some applications (e.g. Scrivener) do save Final Draft .fdx layout, but not structure.
Unstructured .fdx will not be not imported, as a workaround Scrivener users may export as Fountain file.
- Polished display of multiple selected subtitles in waveform view.
- Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- Polishes.


- Revised feature release 1.9.58 (images export, short cuts).
- Corrects Mac OS X 10.6.8 compatibility of version
- Added assignment of Asian vertical text layout per subtitle.
- Images (NLE, DCP) export. Added Asian vertical text .
Asian vertical text requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.
Backdrop: stripe and crop to row are not yet supported for vertical text.
Final Cut Pro X 10.1 effect template for vertical text is provided.
Added fade in/out support for FCP XML. Added switch to activate fades.
Adobe Premiere FCP XML import does not support fades yet.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Added asian vertical text . Changed proof image style for 4 color images.
- Image exports use RTL/LTR info per subtitle.
- DLP Cinema exports use RTL/LTR info and vertical text per subtitle.
- Video Controller: Uses RTL/LTR info and vertical text per subtitle.
- Final Cut XML export. Revised Adobe Premiere FCP XML plain text. Text position etc. is ignored by Adobe Premiere CC.
- Final Cut Pro 7 XML import. Added image timecode import option.
Allows image timecode import from Adobe Premiere CC FCP XML subtitle images or titler slugs. Revised import of files from some 3rd party subtitle tools.
- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Revised DVD style proof image.
- Revised striped subtitle full frame image exports.
- Added Fountain (.fountain) dialogue import.
- w3c Timed Text export. Updated to meet latest specs.
Added Brightcove CC multi-language export
- Corrected import dialog of version
- Added TTML and Teletext color palettes.
- Updated zeitAnker subtitle OCR for Mac OS X 10.9.
- Includes update of Annotation Transcriber.
- Includes new zeitAnker Teletext demo.
- FCP XML text and image exports are compatible with Adobe Premiere CC.
Please note: Adobe Premiere CC 7.2 FCP XML import only accepts following sizes:
SD, HD 960*720, HD 1280*1080, HD 1440*1080.
This limitation is removed in Adobe Premiere CC 2014.
- Please note: Do not use Arial Unicode MS for vertical text.
- Polishes.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Edit_1.9.72.zip

[05.08.2015] zeitAnker Annotation Transcriber 1.7.25


- Added workaround for a bug in OS X 10.11 (beta), that prevented launch.
- Exports to SRT and WebVTT use BOM (byte order mark).

- Leveraged Final Cut Pro X marker export to Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 (Final Cut Pro X XML v1.4).

Version 1.7.23

- Excel XML export. Takes care of Excel special character apostrophe.
Consistent italic text font (Excel might not use the default font).

Version 1.7.22

- Added import of timecode from BWF iXML metadata.
- Added FCP X clip marker export for audio only files with timecode from BWF or QuickTime Timecode.
- Added MS Word .docx/.doc text export.
- Revised FCP/FCP X clip marker export.
- Revised Versions menu selection.
- Revised SRT import.

Version 1.7.20

- Adjustments for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
- Revised timecode links from timecode script.
- Improved Excel XML import and export (allows italics).
- Added Contour Design Shuttle Express sample setting for vs. 3 driver.
- Polishes.


- Added f5 Script RTF export (text, timecode, metadata, media).
- Please note: f5 timing accuracy is only 1/10th s.
- Changed text cursor position info to line cursor position info.
- Added line length info.
- Empty lines or lines timecode only lines are not counted.
- Timecode links are not counted as words.
- Corrections and polishes.

Version 1.7.19

Added Mac OS X 10.9.5 gatekeeper support.
Prepared for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Version 1.7.18

- Added basic iTunes Timed Text export.
- Added basic EBU-T-D (ARD) export.
- Corrected webVTT import.
- Jog Shuttle / Two finger scroll video navigation. Added "Toggle Jog Shuttle Navigation" menu command and short cut. Fixed a possible stability issue.


- w3c Timed Text Export. Applied changes for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks).
- Interface. Adjusted for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks).
- Revised timecode edit field.
- Extended languages list with regional languages. Use auto completion for fast access.
- Added iTunes Timed Text (.itt)
- Revised German localization.


- Added function. Recreate with native timecode.
- Improved workflow with Annotation Edit.
- Added workflow with zeitAnker Teletext (timecode, colors, italics, underline, justification).
Annotation Transcriber provides a named Teletext Colors list in the color picker.
Use these colors to prepare files for zeitAnker Teletext.
zeitAnker Teletext can read Annotation Transcriber and "RTF with Timecode" files.
- Polishes.


- This version requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.12

- Dragging video to the document inserts video frame image again.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.10

- Added Compressor marker list export.

Version 1.7.9

- Revised Excel XML export.
- Added zeitAnker Scene Detection file import.

Version 1.7.8

- Added export: Final Cut Pro X clip markers.
- Updated WebVTT export.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.7

-Added shortcuts for step by frame:
ctrl-i: step timecode frame backwards with audio
ctrl-o: step timecode frame bforwards with audio
Press alt-ctrl to step by frame without audio.


- Corrected a signing issue in latest version 1.7.6
- Added OS X Mountain Lion compliance.
For Mountain Lion Gatekeeper support of all our apps please download the package here (Mountain Lion required):
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.5

- Enhanced automatic text encoding detection.
- Polishes.

Version 1.7.4

- Updated demo mode.


- Added HTML5 WebVTT (caption, chapter) import/export.

Version 1.7.2

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
- Added an informative alert and relaunch on changes to Autosave/Versions .
- Added import: MS Word 2007 (.docx), Open Office (.odt). (Mac OS 10.5 or higher required)
- Added import of new Annotation Edit File format (.mvtf)
- Revised Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Better video scrubbing now also when "Scrolling with Inertia" is selected in System Preferences.

Version 1.7

- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):
Shuttle Express/Pro and scrubbing gesture are no longer affected by scroll direction changes.
- Added Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.
- Many polishes.

Version 1.6.7

- Updated Final Cut Pro marker export.
- Added support for concurrent waveform rendering in multiple documents
- Revised DFXP (w3c Timed Text) import and export.

Version 1.6.6

- Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
- Revised waveform display.
- Polishes


- Enhanced script alignment to timecode tracks.
- Optional FCP Clip Marker text limit.
- Minor Polishes

Version 1.6.4

- Added Final Cut xml clip marker export. The movie is linked.
- Added option: Save backup.
- Added option: Automatically open recent document.
- Fixes and polishes.


- Added timecode update for Audiotranskription F4/F5 imports
- Some polishes.


- Allows non-standard Google Translate .srt
- Added QOS report.

Download: application/zip Annotation_Transcriber_1.7.25.zip