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Annotation Edit Feature List

Editing and Subtitling Features

  • Easy management and review of annotations from multiple authors.
  • Annotate timecode, multiline text, rating, action, location, characters and more.
  • Use any video format that QuickTime supports.
  • Read native native time-code media offset.
  • Support of Apple Remote Control for fast logging.
  • Support of Contour Design Shuttle Products.
  • Integrates standard QuickTime 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 files seamlessly.
  • Waveform time-line for visual response and editing.
  • Instant audio spotting.
  • Fast logging of transcripts with duration based on words per minute.
  • Final Cut Pro HD/4k support (import and export).
  • Final Cut Pro X support (import and export).
  • Import of captions (iTT and CEA 608) from Final Cut Pro X 10.4.1,
  • EBU-TT, iTT, Netflix TTML, Ooyala , SMPTT-TT etc. support.
  • Japanese Lambda Cap support.
  • Import of closed captions from Adobe Premiere CC Project files.
  • Import and export of Adobe Premiere CC Essential Graphics titles via FCP XML.
  • Adobe Flash caption export (Example here).
  • JW FLV Player caption export (Example here).
  • Use Apple Motion 3/4 templates for rendering text in Final Cut Pro 7.
  • Use Apple Motion 5 templates for rendering text in Final Cut Pro X.
  • SCC closed captions are coming back to the Mac, at least to an affordable price and enclosed into an attractive application.
  • Export closed captions (SCC) for use with Apple Compressor and QuickTime.(Example here and here).
  • Export SubStation (SSA) open subtitles for use with Perian Example here.
  • Use audio only for easy file transfer and exchange.
  • Auto validation and correction of continuous entries
  • Editing and preview with video overlay
  • Quick logging mode ("Just press the button") Example here.
  • Create subtitled QuickTime movies without compression loss.
  • Import: Final Cut Pro XML (multiple sequence subtitle projects : several text types and sequence markers), EBU STL binary, PAC, .890, browser edited files, DVD Studio Pro/Spruce .stl (utf-16, MacOSRoman), SubRip (almost any Windows encoding), MicroDVD, Avid DS, MS Excel XML,
  • Import of DVD Studio Pro tracks, subtitle text, timecode, style and position information can be imported directly. InqScribe Tabbed Text import.
  • Import and export of italic style, alignment and vertical position with STL EBU
  • Export to Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Avid, standard exchange formats: STL EBU binary latin, STL EBU Arte N19, PAC, QuickTime Text (full unicode support), Windows and Linux subtitle format: SubRip, batch lists (Final Cut Pro, Avid ALE), RTF with timecode and many more.
  • DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro support style and positioning for not colliding with pre-recorded lower thirds.
  • Automatic text encoding recognition for DVD Studio Pro, Subrip srt and MicroDVD sub.
  • Easy to add features with new plugins.
  • Already prepared for MPEG-7 metadata standard support.
  • And not quite standard:
    Unlimited text entries
    Unlimited tracks
    Mostly unlimited undo
    And it is just fast and reliable ...

And of course built as universal binary: