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Annotation Transcriber Feature List

Editing Features

Annotation Transcriber is the only tool of it's kind to support native timecode and images.
The most important feature we like to mention at first:
Annotation Transcriber is designed to give you a jump-start without puzzling.

  • Import rtf, rtfd, word, html. web-archive and plain text.
  • Import plain text with automatic tedxt encoding recognition.
  • Supports any QuickTime media.
  • Supports professional time-code (PAL / NTSC).
  • Export to Final Cut Pro, Annotation Edit, rtf, rtfd, plain text, html.
  • All rtf and rtfd documents can be edited by other applications like TextEdit or Scrivener without loosing time-code informations.
  • Other applications like MS Word can keep interactive time-code alive when using html.
  • All standard text features like search & replace, dictionary support, services support, spell checking.
  • Support of table layouts and reusable styles.
  • Full support of drag and drop of i.e. reuse snippets in new documents, drag and drop video images.
  • Unlimited undo.
  • Standard print dialog: print to PDF, send PDF as mail etc.
  • Supports Apple Remote Control and foot-pedals.
  • Clean and simple interface approved by professional transcribers.

And of course built as universal binary: